RGC 2019 Charity Calendar

We have decided to produce a calendar for 2019 to raise money to be split between the 3 Captains charities (not the Centenary Fund).

It will have 3 aims:-
Primarily to raise funds to be split equally between the 3 Captains charities.
Raise the profile of RGC in the lead up to our Centenary.
Show to others that golf is a fun game.

By making it a fun calendar we hope to show those that don’t play golf that we can have fun. This may, in turn, encourage new members to join us if they can see what fun we have!

We now need your help:-

Do you have any ‘fun’ golf photographs which you could send us and would be suitable for the calendar? Remember that this is a centenary calendar so they don’t have to be recent photographs – they can go back 100 years (if you have any that old!). Photographs can be emailed to either of us or copies can be given to us if you don’t have them electronically. Once we have all the photographs we will decide which ones to use as we are hoping that we may have a lot to choose from. Make sure that if you hand copies in they are clearly marked on the back with your name so that we can return them safely to you.

We would also like companies / individuals to sponsor a month for £20. Therefore, if you sponsor, say January you will have your name and / or company details on that page as the month sponsor.

The months so far sponsored are:-
January - Samantha Thompson-Brown
February - Janet and Dick Penn
March - Gordon Rising
April -
May - 
June - 
July - 
August - Martyn Cox
September - 
October - Dave Chisholm
December - 

To give us time to collate the material and get it ready for printing we would need photographs and sponsors by the 15th September. This gives you time to take some fun photographs on the golf course if you don’t have any already!

Photographs can be sent to a dedicated email address for this project - Charitycalendarrgc@outlook.com

We intend to sell them via club members, Facebook and in local shops. In addition we are looking to get press coverage for this in the lead up to our Centenary.

The calendars will be available from mid-November at a cost of £5 each and they will make nice Christmas presents. If every member of the club bought one, just think of how much we could raise for the charities.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Janette Hanger and Teresa Pack

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  • Race Night, 23rd November 2018
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